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How to Decide if Solar Panels Are Right For My Home

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular. This is because not only is it an environmentally friendly, clean energy that will help reduce your carbon footprint, but it also helps to lower your monthly utility bills. And, even with a bit of an upfront investment, with all of the government incentives and rebates currently available, there really hasn’t been a better time to invest in solar.

In today’s blog post from Solar Bright, we are going to discuss how to decide if solar panels are right for your home. Continue reading to learn more, and when you are ready to speak to a solar specialist, contact the team at Solar Bright. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help get you on your way to enjoying the many benefits of solar energy.

Consider the Size and Condition of Your Roof

If you are considering having solar panels installed on your roof, you’ll want to make sure that there is enough space for the number of solar panels that you’ll need to power your home. You’ll also want to consider the current condition of your roof. Since solar panels will need to be placed on top of your roof, if it’s about time for a roof replacement or your roof requires a small repair or two, you’ll save yourself money and hassle in the long run if you handle those issues before having solar panels installed.

Consider Local, State, and Federal Incentives

Depending on where you live, you may be able to receive local, state, and federal tax incentives and rebates. These incentives are designed to help cover the initial costs of solar panel installation and equipment. When you work with a local solar company, they can help you understand which incentives are available to you and how you can apply.

Consider Your Exposure to the Sun

While you don’t necessarily have to live in the sunniest place on earth to benefit from solar energy — although living in sunny Florida sure does help — you do want to ensure that you can have solar panels installed in the area of your roof that gets the most sun. You may also want to consider trimming any trees that could potentially block your exposure to the sun.

Contact an Experienced Solar Company

If you live in Central Florida and are considering transitioning your home to solar energy, it’s time to speak to an experienced solar company representative. This is the best way to know whether solar panels are right for your home. Contact the team at Solar Bright in Zellwood today to learn more.