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At Solar Bright in Zellwood, we don’t just handle the solar panel installation process, we are also here if you are ever in need of solar panel repair or maintenance. With almost two decades of experience in the solar industry, our team is extremely capable of troubleshooting difficult problems and fixing just about any issue. We are dedicated to providing the people of Central Florida with sustainable and renewable solar energy and that means helping to upkeep the systems that we install, as well as the ones we don’t. If you have a solar system on your Florida home and are in need of a repair, contact our Zellwood solar company today.

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Why Choose Solar Bright as Your Solar Panel Repair Company?

  • We have almost two decades of experience in the solar industry

  • We are dedicated to providing superior customer service

  • Our team believes that solar power is the energy of the future

  • We provide a free estimate for solar panel installation, maintenance, and repair jobs

  • Solar panels can last for about 30 years if properly cared for and repaired when needed

Solar Panel Repair

Solar energy is a sustainable and green energy source that is being chosen by people, employers, and governments all over the country. Creating your own clean energy at your home allows you to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels as well as decrease your dependence on utility companies. The energy created using fossil fuels isn’t just bad for the environment and our planet, it also makes our country and communities reliant on foreign fuel sources. By creating your own energy from the sun’s photons, you’re gaining your energy independence. As long as the sun continues to shine, there will be photons to convert into solar energy, and you will always have the energy needed to power your home. You’ll never be subjected to the fluctuating prices offered by your local utility companies again.

At Solar Bright, we believe that making the switch to green energy is essential for our communities, country, and the planet as a whole. That’s why we don’t just install solar panel systems but we also maintain and repair them. Keeping your solar panels in working condition rather than frequently replacing them makes this energy source both greener and more sustainable. If you are having any issues with your solar panel system, the team at Solar Bright in Zellwood is here to help. Contact us today.

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Pool Heating Systems

Make your pool more comfortable year round with our products by EcoSpark, Universal, SunStar and SunValue.


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Hot Water Tanks

We offer affordable solar hot water tank systems by Rheem, Solene, Grundfos, Steca.


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Photovoltaic Systems

We offer high quality and reliable photovoltaic systems by Heliene, Hyundai.


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